Primary Religious Education

NORES offer many services to schools to help them improve and evaluate their Religious Education curriculum and collective worship.  

We will:

  • visit and support staff teaching religious education
  • organise meetings for Primary RE Coordinators 
  • provide INSET meetings as required
  • organise annual conferences
  • represent the Trustee at all major appointments for religious education
  • communicate national developments and initiatives
  • contribute to Religious Education nationally as members of the National Board of Religious Inspectors and Advisers
  • with the Liturgy Commission offer courses for liturgy with young people

For information about all things Primary related, contact Anne-Marie McIntosh on  01582 723312 or

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Come & See 2019/20 - Local Church

*Updated* Age Related Standards (3-19) in Religious Education - download the pdf here

COME AND SEE 2018/19 DAY 1 - download the resources here

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Primary RE Monitoring: The monitoring grids below focus on different presentations of the RE curriculum, please download them by clicking on the links below. 

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