Duns Scotus Trust

The Duns Scotus Trust Board is made up of Directors who monitor Multi-Academy Trusts which  are at the heart of education in the Catholic Diocese of Northampton.

The Board’s focus is the advancement of Catholicism in the Diocese by such means as the Bishop may think fit and proper by:

  • Establishing, monitoring, supporting and developing Multi Academy Trusts within the Diocese;
  • Supporting Catholic Academies in accordance with the principles and subject to the regulations and the discipline of the Catholic Church.

The Trust Board ensures that every academy shall deliver education in accordance with:

  • The teachings, practices and tenets of the Catholic Church;
  • Canon Law and the Trust Deed;
  • Any Diocesan directives for the time being in force.

The Trust Board is made up of Directors, registered at Companies House, who are appointed by the Diocesan Bishop, all of whom are practising Catholics and who are either education professionals or who have experience of supporting education at all levels in their field of expertise.

The Board meets regularly and also hosts a Chairs meeting every term to ensure that Chairs of Governing Bodies of Multi Academy Trusts in the Diocese can feedback as to progress and the Board can update Chairs in order that developments can be disseminated to governors and academies.

The Board is named after Blessed Duns Scotus, originally known as John Duns (1266-1308) who was ordained in Northampton. He is generally considered to be one of the most important philosopher theologians of the High Middle Ages, who has had considerable influence on Catholic and secular thought. Duns Scotus was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1993.

For any further information about the Board and its work, please do not hesitate to contact the Trust Board via the NORES office or


  • Mgr. Kevin McGinnell (Chair)
  • Hugh Davies
  • Peter Teague
  • Collette Curtis
  • John Rogers

Secretary: Tim Redding


OUR CATHOLIC SCHOOLS’ WEEK will soon be upon us.  We have changed the name! "Our Catholic Schools’ Week" replaces Education Week because  we are specifically celebrating the Catholic Schools in our diocese rather than the whole educational enterprise. We have so many good people and positive activity within our schools. They all contribute so much to the work and mission of Bishop Peter and the diocese. We want to celebrate and show our pride in who we are and what we do.

We seek your co-operation and help so that it can be a positive event for us all.

Click on the links below to access the material which the NORES team has compiled which has also been sent to all parishes, with the accompanying letter sent to all clergy.  I hope that it is self explanatory and ask you to help your local parish(es) in preparing a meaningful Liturgy for that Sunday. It would be very helpful if you could contact your local parish and give them details of any opportunity to visit the school so that these details can be included in the Bulletin which will be issued on Sunday 8th October.  On the suggestion page you will find listed other ideas which you might wish to consider using. 

In particular we hope that, during Our Catholic Schools’ Week, schools will afford the local community an opportunity to visit them so that their work as a Catholic School can be celebrated.

On Friday 13 October, the feast of St Edward the Confessor, we celebrate the Schools’ Mass with Bishop Peter, at St Mary’s Catholic Church, Dunstable at 11.00am.  Please contact NORES to let us know if your school is attending so we can allow room in the church.  This celebration is a coming together of all the Catholic Schools in the Diocese and is a great opportunity for us to see ourselves in the wider context of Church.

Our Catholic Schools' Week Resources: 

Duns Scotus

Blessed Duns Scotus