Year of Mercy

Year of Mercy

 Year of Mercy Schools Pack 1

Information and Contents

Calendar from the Vatican for the Year of Mercy

 Pope Francis' Prayer for the Jubilee Year

Logo for the Year of Mercy and its meaning

Doors for the Year of Mercy - reflection

4a.Doors and the Year of Mercy - Part 2

4b. Epiphany Class Blessing

Primary Resources Overview - Powerpoint sheet

Primary - whole school assembly - Powerpoint

6.1 Primary - whole school assembly music suggestions - Powerpoint

6.2 Primary - whole school assembly - I will be your strength - Powerpoint

7. 1 Primary RE Curriculum Resources list

7.2 Primary RE Curriculum - Affinity Diagram

7.3 Primary RE Curriculum - Art Work ppt

7.4 Primary RE Curriculum - Curriculum ppt

7.5 Primary RE Curriculum - Door Jigsaw ppt

7.6 Primary RE Curriculum - Hidden messages

7.7 Primary RE Curriculum - Lost sheep de-coder

7.8 Primary RE Curriculum - Pope Francis Misericordiae

7.9 Primary RE Curriculum - Scripture ppt

7.10 Primary RE Curriculum - Seven Works of Mercy ppt

7.11 Primary RE Curriculum - Working with Scripture

8. Reflection Psalm 136 ppt

8.1 Service of Reconciliation with KS1 & 2 reflections

8.2 Service of Reconciliation with KS1 reflection ppt

9. Powerpoint reflection - I will be strength for the journey ppt

9.1 Power point refelection - Light of the World  painting ppt

9.2 Powerpoint reflection - Pope Francis on mercy ppt

9.3 Power Point reflection images ppt

10 Secondary School Assembly

10.1 Secondary RE - Pope Francis writing as the Year of Mercy approaches

11 Reflections from the writing of Pope Francis

12 Hymn for the Year of Mercy

12 Hymn for year of Mercy MP3 file

Power Point - School Chaplaincy Day Feb 2016 - Year of Mercy with Fr S Wang

Year of Mercy Schools Pack 2

Year of Mercy Schools Pack3